Students follow a rich, flexibly-paced curriculum offering guided by highly-qualified subject area teachers, a teacher advisor, and online teaching staff. We emphasize interdisciplinary connections throughout the curriculum, and also support students in developing study areas of their own interests. WAVE is a 22 credit, high school diploma program. Student diplomas are issued by the home district. 

Key Elements

  • Year-round, individualized programming
  • Learning community both online and in person
  • Strong instructor and student relationships and culture
  • Highly individualized curriculum pacing and planning
  • Each student is equipped with a computer workstation and internet connectivity in their home, and must schedule classroom time a minimum of two days a week. 

The Learning Environment

  • Google Apps for Education for communication and collaboration
  • Headrush Learning Management System with standards based grading
  • Individualized and interdisciplinary learning materials aligned with county wide initiatives such as adolescent literacy supports and Assessment Literacy
  • Scheduled, consistent on-site time with curriculum support for all Michigan Merit Curriculum content areas